Simona Borštnar, MD, PhD

Speaking Sessions

December 4, 202112:00-12:45


Simona Borštnar, MD, PhD is a medical oncologist. In 1996 she became research fellow in clinical oncology at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana and has got her Master of Science degree in 1998. She completed a residency in internal medicine in 2002 in and received a PhD in clinical oncology in 2003. Between October and December 2006 she was a fellow at the MD Anderson cancer center in Houston, USA. Since 2009 she is the president of  Slovenian Senologic Society and since 2010 also the head of breast cancer multidisciplinary team at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana. She is a Member of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), International reast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG), principal investigator in many clinical studies in breast cancer and speaker at multiple oncology conferences. Her bibliography consist of 398 units: of these 28 research papers with over 1200 citations.The voluntary work with patients organizations such are Europa Donna and Cancer patients Association of Slovenia represents a very important part of her professional career.