Tajana Silovski, MD, PhD

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December 5, 202109:00 - 10:00


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Tajana Silovski, MD, PhD

Department of Oncology

University Hospital Center Zagreb,

Zagreb, Croatia


Tajana Silovski, MD, PhD is Medical Oncologist at the University Hospital Center Zagreb, Department of Oncology since 2018 where she works as ward physician. Since 2002 until 2017 she worked as ward physician at the Medical Oncology Department, University Hospital for Tumors, UHC „Sestre milosrdnice“ and afterwards since 2017 until 2018 worked as consultant at the Private Special Hospital Radiochirurgia.

She is scientific associate at the postgraduate studies in medical oncology.

Tajana Silovski earned her medical degree at the University of Zagreb and completed Postgraduate study of Biomedicine at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb and got her PhD in breast cancer in 2010. She was board certified in Medical Oncology in 2014 and in Internal Medicine in 2009.

Her research interests include breast and ovarian cancer, oncofertility and hereditary cancer syndromes.

She was actively involved in a phase II-III breast, ovarian and colon cancer clinical trials. Tajana Silovski has authored several original papers and book chapters, and many publications and abstracts. She holds various professional memberships, including ESMO, Croatian.